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Seagulls Call and Crowd Walla Ambience Bangkok

by freetousesounds



Seagulls Sound Effects & Crowds Ambience Bangkok

This library comes fresh and hot out of the editing oven. :)

In this library you can hear and download the sounds of hundreds of seagulls (maybe closer to 1000) and the people who fed them. The pier or so-called Suk Ta Bridge is outside of Bangkok and quite famous among locals.

The last time I recorded so many seagulls was in Istanbul, but with less ambience from other people. So this is a great and unique sound library when you're looking for seagulls and crowd walla in the Thai language.

Happy holidays :)

Size: 1.5 GB
Files: 7
Sample Rate: 192-24 WAV
Duration: Approx. 20 min
Gear: Zoom F6, Schoeps DMS (CCM4 & CCM8)
Delivery: Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download on Bandcamp
License type: Royalty-free


released December 25, 2021

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