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ASMR Sounds, Royalty Free Tapping, Tossing, Ripping Cardboard Box Sound Effects

by freetousesounds



What's in the box? That doesn't matter. What you should be asking is "why is opening boxes so satisfying?" Perhaps it's the brief anticipation of the unknown or maybe it's the tantalizing sounds of the temporary packaging. Personally, I find it a combination of the two. Companies like Apple understand our love for packaging and have made an art to the unboxing process.

In this sound library, listen to me how I have too much fun with cardboard, packaging tape, and paper filling. I'll be scratching, tapping, tearing, rolling and popping packaging air packets.

Sure, some people rip open a box for the contents inside and discard it. Not me, I spend 16 minutes enjoying all the sounds this package has to offer. I divided the audio into 3 parts from 0-5, 5-10, and 10-16 minutes.

These sound effects are all royalty-free & perfect for foley and creating sound effects!


released October 4, 2019

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