Urban Farmers Market Sounds Denpasar, Bali

by freetousesounds



Hello from Bali, We are almost ready and heading back to Singapore.
In this album, I invite you to join me to a super authentic and absolutely not touristy urban farmers market. The Kumbasari Market in Denpasar. After walking around to get a feeling and an overall vibe I decided to choose the plateau to do these recordings.
I was in the middle everything and could capture some super farmers market typical sounds.
You will listen to people loading and unloading trucks. Trucks that need to speed up and find there way to the spot. People laughing, yelling and of course bargain with the vendors.

I was almost driven over by a truck so make sure to listen to this sound in the binaural track "5". Super fun.

I did 6 recordings but two tracks ( binaural) are short bonus tracks.
The four recordings are recorded on four different locations with the Zoom F4 and the DPA 4060. Each track is between five and seven minutes and filled with authentic sounds. The bitrate is 192/24!

Get your headphones or turn your speakers on and stay with me and listen to the sound that surrounded me.
I had a blast recording this soundscape and I hope you too.

What else is in the recording?
motorbikes, plastic bags, honking, handbrakes, truck engines, doors open & closing, people laughing and cheering, birds in the background a construction and much more.

You can read more on my website about this soundscape


released August 11, 2018

Kumbasari Market Denpasar, Bali
Zoom F4, DPA 4060




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