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Underwater Rain Splash Sound Effects Library

by freetousesounds



Underwater Rain Splash Sound Effects Library

While its raining "cats and dogs" I put the hydrophone into a metal pot and placed it on the balcony.

That way, I could record the rain but from an underwater perspective. These sounds alone are amazing for experimental music production and sound design.

The real "gold" is hidden in the frequency. If you check the spectrogram of some of the heavier rainfall files, you will notice that the frequency range goes up to 60kHz and above.
This is really cool and opens a new world of sounds. If you're wondering, the hydrophone I'm using is the Ambient ASF2MK2.

Just as a comparison, I included another recording recorded with the AKG C411pp attached under a plastic bowl. It's a different way of capturing the rain and it creates its own musical character. But comparing frequency ranges with one another, it's not even close to the hydrophone.

I included 10 files that around 3GB and everything is recorded in 192-32 wav and from here, everything is possible :)

Files: 10 files • Including metadata
Size: 3 GB
Sample Rate: 192-32/WAV
Duration: Approx. 28 min
Gear: Zoom F6, Ambient ASF2-MK2, AKG C411pp
Delivery: Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download on Bandcamp
License type: Royalty-free & no credit required


released December 13, 2020

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