Supermarket Sound Effects - Mustafa Shopping Center Singapore

by freetousesounds



Hi Everyone,

Finally I was able to record supermarket sound effects without having any music in the background. It took me months to find the perfect supermarket or shopping center for this kind of ambience.

We went to “Mustafa=, one of the most famous shopping center in Singapore.

We came on a Sunday morning and it wasn’t to busy by the time as we arrived but after one hour more and more customers visited the store.

On weekends you can expect up to 15000 people on this 400000 square meter 4 level building.

Here is a list of sounds that you can expect in these recordings. I used the Soundman OKM Rock Studio binaural microphones and the Zoom H6.

-an overall supermarket ambiance with crowd walla, washy walla and general bustle in English and if I am correct Thamil
-lots of checkout cash register beeping, scanner beeping or till sounds in the UK
-ventilation and air condition hum, the sound of refrigerators, scanning beeps, trolleys moving around, lots of handling noise with plastic bags next to the check out counters

If you have already access to my Complete Library you will find these recordings inside the 17. category inside the Singapore folder.


released December 30, 2018




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