School Sounds - Kids Sound Effects Recess & Singing- Vietnam

by freetousesounds



Hi Everyone,
I was so lucky having my Hotel room facing a school in Cao Bang, Vietnam. Before the class started the pupils hang out at the schoolyard playing soccer, running around, shouting and screaming. Everybody had a good time.

Later the doorbell starts ringing. Not like a regular bell. More like someone hits manually a drum.
The most part of the kids went to the classrooms and a smaller part kept remain on the schoolyard playing soccer.

The school rooms windows and doors are open and in one classroom kids started to sing and a teacher played piano or keyboard.
I recorded another recess between the classes.

This soundscape is free to download on Bandcamp in high-quality 192-24 wav (stereo) recorded with the Zoom F8n and the Usi Pro.

You can get these sounds in ambisonic as well. Recorded with the Zoom H3 VR in 96 24 wav ambiX.
It is not possible to upload four-channel recordings to Bandcamp but you can find all these recordings inside my VR ambisonic sound library.

Check out the library here

If you have already access to the Complete Library you find all stereo sound files inside the “Vietnam Category Folder Five”.


released February 25, 2019

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