Basketball Court Sound Effects - Singapore

by freetousesounds



Hi Everyone

I recorded these basketball sound effects at Mountbatten Community Club in Singapore between 9 and 10 pm in the evening.
The club has four basketball courts and each one of them was occupied with several players.
Street basketball style what means 1 court two teams.

This new sound library contains several sound effects like

-a realistic outdoor basketball soundscape with real people at nighttime
-several interjections between the players in Mandarin/Cantonese and English
-lots of shoe squeaks/scrapes and dribbles on elastic EPDM surface
-players practicing dribbles on the other side of the court
-basketball bounces on the backboard
-basketball bounces on the hoop and back on the floor
-basketball swish & swooshes through the net
-ball passing with hitting the surface
-slow paced & fast-paced basketball dribbles
-players are laughing, screaming and had a lot of fun on the field
-(no dunkings, sorry)

I recorded the sounds with the Zoom F8n and the Usi Pro by LOM in 192kHz/24bit on two different location. One from above the basketball field and one recording right next to the field. You can find a more in-depth description with photos on my website.

I hope you can use these sound effects. :)


released January 5, 2019




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